I'm Erika and help couples, like you, who are trying to plan your celebration travel, but are short on time and overwhelmed while trying to balance your career, relationship, and travel planning. I will give you the information and guidance you need so that you can quickly plan your dream celebration getaway.

I create customized getaways that are perfect for you. I can do it all for your or just give you a little help and a plan to get started.

The biggest issue with planning your own travel is that it takes a lot of time and the pictures and reviews may be wonderful but I have the inside of what the property is really like.

I am here to listen to what you want. Free your time so you have more time on the fun parts of celebration planning. I can get you the most for your money! I have more at my fingertips than what is on the web. You are always in control over every decision. I work with you and will make sure you have several options to choose from. I will keep you updated and informed throughout the entire process. You can email, text and call me directly! And most of all it's not a one size fits all. We really look at your personality, your adventure level and customize everything from your bachelor/bachelorette getaway to your anniversary vacation

I am a certified professional event planner, wedding planner, and bridal consultant.

Don't just plan your next big thing, make it an experience!

Always feel free to drop me a line!


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