The Re-launch of PlumTree Travel!


I have a business called PlumTree Events. With this company, I plan weddings and corporate events. In 2018 I decided to add destination weddings and honeymoons. The Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, and Mexico were my main targets. I made all sorts of connections all over the world. I do all my research and get everything set up. In October 2019 I finally launched PlumTree Travel!

Then Covid hit. I tried to stay with it, but our industry really took a hit, to say the least! During the next 6 months, I figured I could wait it out. I took as many classes as I could and stayed on top of things as much as the industry would allow. Then after a year, it was pretty inevitable. I put PlumTree Travel on the back burner until everything calmed down.

Well here we are! I’m still doing my regular weddings in Montana and corporate events along the Western US, but I’m super excited to finally get back to booking destination celebrations!

What exactly is a destination celebration? It is taking the Bachelor/Bachelorette party to a different level. Booking a cruise or head off to Cancun and celebrate! A destination wedding! Get 25-50 of your closest friends and family and head to the vineyards of Italy or have a beach wedding in Jamaica! Honeymoons, relax on a beach, sip cocktails by the pool, or do a total adventure honeymoon, Africa, skiing, hiking…you name it! Babymoons. First what the heck is a babymoon anyway? Well, it’s that time you and your significant other take some time to go on a relaxing excursion or adventure one last time before your family grows! And things will never be the same again! And finally Anniversary getaways! Whether it’s your first anniversary or your 50th. You deserve to get away and celebrate! And what better way to celebrate these momentous occasions in your life that to travel and experience the world!

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